Why Nano needling with Vitamin A May be your “Go To” Glow Treatment!

Want to see instant results and, at the same time, desire long term benefits? Nano-Needling is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment method using a pen-like device to drive products deep into the skin. Clients love it for an ”Instant Glow” as well as anti-aging benefits.

Benefits of Nano-Needling:
– Improves firmness and elasticity and texture of the skin.
– Improves dry or oily skin, fine lines, rosacea, hyperpigmentation.
– Clearer and brighter and more even complexion= “Glowing skin.”
– Improves circulation of the skin.
– Highly Improves penetration and results of products.
– Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.
– Visible reduction of pore size.
– Safe to use around the eyes and on the lips.
– Compliments most other skincare treatments.

What to expect during a treatment?
Skin Care with Dory uses a pen-like tool in multiple passes to penetrate each layer of high-quality products into the skin.
Nano-Needling sessions can be a stand-alone Treatment or “woven in” or added to other treatments.
Time: 20 minutes.

What is the Nano-Needling 3-pack, and why does Skin Care with Dory suggest it?
For Results! I created the “3 Pack” so that my clients could get all of the product benefits:
We start with custom Viktoria DeAnn pure peptides tailored to your skin’s needs and individually infuse them. Peptides signal cellular activity and act as a messenger to activate cellular response to increase cellular health Next; I create a custom “Osmosis Cocktail” customizing Vitamin C, Vitamin Bs, hydrating or calming or acneic blends mixed with stem cells ( over 600 Human Growth Factors) and clinically proven DNA Repairing AC-11.
For Professional use only: the final step is potent Vitamin A infusion. This is a Medi-Infusion of 2.0 retinaldehyde that acts as a non-acid peel generating 30 days of collagen production. This step enhances all situational skin issues boosting the custom blends to improve acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging.

When will I see results from Nano-Needling?
Right after a treatment, the skin will look revived, brighter, clearer, and more lifted.
Fine lines will be diminished.
Scars will improve with regular treatments.
The Vitamin A infusion continues to build collagen and Elastin for four weeks and is cumulative for your skin’s long term improvement.

Does Nano-Needling hurt?
There are no needles or lasers involved.
This a No Downtime, non- invasive, and most say a “relaxing treatment with benefits.”

What is the difference between Nano-Needling and Microneedling?
Microneedling is with tiny needles creating micro-wounds to create more collagen.
Revitapen Pro is classified as a cosmetic tool. Nano – needling is not using needles and is done with a non-invasive device that will not create wounds in the skin.
The single-use stainless surgical steel tip is designed with 100 nano-sized pyramid-shaped spheres that create micro-channels and penetrate products much deeper and speed up results.

What to avoid before a Nano-Needling Treatment?
– Avoid waxing Face area 24 hours before your scheduled treatment.
– Avoid getting prolonged sun exposure for 7 days before treatment.
– No Accutane in 6 months.
– Have not received Facial or laser surgery 6 weeks prior to treatment.
– Stop using Retin- A 72 hours prior to treatment.

Do not get Nano-Needling if you have:
– A recent herpes outbreak.
– Severe rosacea.
– An auto-immune disorder (unless you have Physician’s consent).
– Facial lesions or rashes (undiagnosed).
– Are undergoing cancer treatment.

How often should I get a Nano-Needling Treatment?
At Skin Care with Dory, I recommend an initial consultation to understand your skincare desires.
Suggested are 3-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.
This treatment can be combined with other services.

Suggestions to pair with Nano-Needling:
Possible beneficial pairings:
European Facials
Microcurrent Facials
LED Light Therapy

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