I am excited about my new red LED Light Therapy panel!

I am excited about my new red light panel

Yes, I believe it is “Worth it.”

You might be excited too- If wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, or scars bother you!

Anti-aging red LED Light Therapy may speed up the results you desire!

What is red LED Light therapy?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These Diodes have different wavelengths. Each wavelength penetrates at a different depth and causes different healing reactions and results.

LED Light Therapy is the treatment of exposing clean or peptide infused skin to a panel of LED red lights for 10 minutes. This device sends light waves deep into the skin to trigger healing and energy and cellular communication. When using LED red lights ( as there are different colors and treatments), Your skin responds by building, strengthening, healing, and improving cellular structure.

 How did LED light get into the skincare treatment menu?

NASA began researching and experimenting using LED Light Therapy for the Astronauts in space. Because of the lack of oxygen and gravity in Space, Humans had cellular impedances with healing, lack of bone mass, muscle atrophy, and inability to thrive. They found humans exposed to LED light had a 41% faster healing rate.  NASA also researched this technology on plants finding plants grew healthier and stronger with LED light.


“NASA scientists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light from LEDs, which is energy just outside the visible range, grow 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by such light. The light arrays increase energy (ATP and nitric oxide) that speed up the healing process.”

— NASA LED Technology Press Release

So, LED is used on Astronauts, Plants, and Skin Care?

Yes, The Skin Care Industry will harness whatever safe technology is beneficial, and there have been multiple studies on the benefits of LED light in skin improvement.

What are the benefits of Red LED Light Therapy?

Red lIght is much researched and highly beneficial for stimulating collagen production. We lose collagen as we age – So, more collagen means stronger skin, fewer wrinkles and sagging, scar revision, and the ability for the body to more successfully heal acne. Because the LED light increases ATP production, The cells have more energy to have a rejuvenated complexion.

– Increases Collagen.

– Increase Elastin.

– Increases ATP Production (energy in the cells).

– Decreases inflammation.

– Minimizes redness (helps rosacea).

– Regulates oil glands (balancing dry or oily skin types).

– Minimizes pores.

– Tightens the skin.

– Aids in scar and acne healing.

– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

– More even skin tone and supple skin texture.

How long to “see” visible results?

Although It is a time investment at first- You will see cumulative increments of improvement to your skin month after month. Treatments are suggested 2-3x per week. After the Initial time/money investment and results are reached: Treatments can be spaced to once a month or every few weeks.

Why did you get a new LED Light Therapy panel at Skin Care with Dory?

My clients want Anti-Aging improvement and benefits; My hunch was telling me there was a stronger, more efficient panel. My previous panel included blue, Infrared, and red light with mixed wavelength light joules and took 30-45 minutes. My new panel is concentrated only on Red for Anti Aging and has 6,000- joules, So,  it is much more powerful and efficient.  Therefore,  You get better results, and treatment times are only 10 minutes to rejuvenate the skin.  Clients tell me it is SO relaxing that they feel they are being nurtured or “at the beach” and request more time- though the skin has absorbed 99% of the Light energy in 10 minutes.

Is LED Light Therapy Safe? LED Light Therapy does not contain UV ultraviolet rays and is painless and does not cause any burning. The lights are bright- but not dangerous. Eye protection is used during sessions because of the brightness of the lights.

When to get LED Light Therapy:

LED pairs with all services, especially microneedling, to diminish inflammation and is an effective stand-alone service.

 When not to get LED Light Therapy:

– Women who are pregnant.

– Diseases of the retina.

– Avoid five days after Botox or fillers.

– People on photosensitive medications.

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