What is BioRePeel Cl3 and why you might Love it!

What is BioRePeel Cl3, and why you might Love it: European Technology from Italy that will not put your professional or social life on hold because no one will really know while your skin keeps looking better.  This peel is suitable for all skin types and areas of the body. Formulated rich in acids, amino … Read more

Happy New Year!

Rejuvenate, Replenish, Recover and Rebuild Happy New Year! It’s Winter and January. The sun will be further away from the Earth, and it is a great time to Rejuvenate, Replenish, Recover and Rebuild. For some, it will be about Detoxing and getting the body and skin in healthier and more balanced shape. Because Skin is … Read more

Introducing New Jet Plasma Service!

Why did I bring Jet Plasma on board at Skin Care with Dory? I was looking around for a treatment that was effective and complimented “The A- Game” of noninvasive skin care:  microcurrent facials. High-quality microcurrent is a powerful modality in that produces impressive results. The downside is that it takes several treatments (After 5o … Read more

Why see an Esthetician? A shameless plug!

The Beauty Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of subliminal messages and in-your-face advertising hooks for “quick fixes” and how to play on your “fear of aging.” Even professionals love to be seduced, but we need to test and figure out what really works: For example, does this product safely do what it … Read more

It’s Sweater Weather- What about your skin?

How does Fall Season in Colorado affect skin? As temperatures cool down, humidity levels drop. Low humidity causes dry air causes dry skin. This can exaggerate existing conditions like eczema or itchy, scaly, cracked skin.  Skin will try to grab moisture from the air, and when there is no moisture, the skin is less strong, ... Read more

What is compromised Skin Barrier?

What is compromised Skin Barrier?  When a person's skin is not functioning as healthy as it could be and seems to be breaking down instead of rejuvenating in balance. The Acid Mantle of the skin is a delicate balance of oil and water that is the protection for the skin’s homeostasis for it to function ... Read more

What I packed for my trip to Portugal?

What I packed for my trip to Portugal? We all know packing for a trip can be some ”serious organizing”- We need to little all our stuff down into only what we need for the allotted time and then we are often still over-packed. Most of us also want to keep up on our healthy ... Read more

Why did Skin Care with Dory choose NeurotriS?

Why did Skin Care with Dory choose NeurotriS microcurrent?  I believed there was a more powerful technology. NeurotriS surpassed my expectations.  Many companies with superior products, I find have less slick marketing, but a Mastermind behind the scenes who craft superior products or machines.  What makes NeurotriS different than other microcurrent devices?  NeurotriS is the ... Read more