30 Day skin Care challenge!

With many of us jumping into our New Year's Get in shape plan -  Having radiant healthy skin will help. It takes time to groove into a routine. It's so much easier to reach for the Quick fix like lipstick or concealer instead of daily home care. That's the tough part. Though, After 30 days ... Read more

Why is the Pepti Nano Mask a Client Favorite?

Why is the Pepti Nano Mask a Client Favorite? Because our skin is dry at this elevation: We are exposed to harsh winds, high UV radiation, and low humidity. This makes our skin feel uncomfortable and tight.  Visually, Dry skin looks parched, pores are visibly larger, and finalizes and wrinkles are more profound. We have ... Read more

Why Your Esthetician is one of your “First Lines of Defense”

Woman with her hand touching her face
The other day I had a male client in with a thick beard.  This was his first facial - and by the way- He loved it!  I noticed a suspicious spot; a very dark spot with irregular borders and discoloration buried within his beard. He had told me he had seen it but had been ... Read more

Skin Care is not only skin deep

Much of our skin radiance and our issues come from our gut and digestion. Even more than topical skincare: The quality of nutrition, hydration, sleep, lifestyle habits, and stress affects much of the skin. As an Esthetician, We care about your inner health too. That’s why I suggest Supplements-  Here are the cliff notes on ... Read more

Why does Home Care matter so much for your skin?

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People walk into my office and tell me what they love about their skin and what they want to change.  More than anything I hear people want to turn back time to when their skin looked smoother, more even-toned, sculpted, brighter, and glowing: In essence “ They want to look younger” or “look healthier” or ... Read more

Keep your skin looking Lit

Boulder Skin Care with Dory
“Keep your skin looking Lit”- Paris Hilton ( about Neurotris Microcurrent) Microcurrent aka: The Red Carpet Facial Refresh, revive, renew, relax...Is it time for you to revitalize your vibrant and healthy ( and Youthful) glow? Skin Care by Dory offers a replenishing microcurrent facial that will enhance the natural glow to your skin, help minimize ... Read more

New Treatment: Oxygen Facial Infusion!

Skin Care with Dory in Boulder Colorado
Oxygen Facial Infusion: Getting Ready to go to an important meeting or Party? Want to heal skin faster after a Treatment? Oxygen Facial Infusion will get your skin more hydrated, even-toned, refreshed, and glowing. This is a natural skincare system to encourage skin health, healing, and results. Our skin is our largest organ and has ... Read more

What Treatment Should I get and when will I see Results?

Beautiful woman covering her head with a white scarf, white scarf is wrapped around her neck, tilted head and looking top right
Whether you want to Get your Glow on and look rejuvenated and refreshed for a family gathering, a special date, A business presentation or want to address recent skin or long term skin issues- This is your guide to what treatment should I get and when will I see results? I will share with you ... Read more

Are chemical peels right for you?

Boulder Colorado Skin Care with Dory
For some people hearing the words chemical peel seems scary…But rest assured: “We Have Come a Long Way Baby”.  Peels can be much less aggressive and still effect profound skin benefits addressing concerns that can dial back many skin issues. Welcome Chemical peels to your Anti-aging Regime! They are effective for reducing the signs of ... Read more

I am excited about my new red LED Light Therapy panel!

Red Light Skin Care with Dory in Boulder Colorado
I am excited about my new red light panel Yes, I believe it is “Worth it.” You might be excited too- If wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, or scars bother you! Anti-aging red LED Light Therapy may speed up the results you desire! What is red LED Light therapy? LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These ... Read more