Microneedling Skin Treatment Services

By stimulating new Collagen, Microneedling is an Anti-aging Go To treatment for increased firmness, tighter skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing surgical scars, hyperpigmentation stretch marks creating more youthful skin. ProCell Microneedling/Microchanneling treatments offer maximum new collagen stimulation with minimal inflammation for a more beautiful you. Also, Microneedling is also an effective treatment to reduce acne and acne scarring. Suggested to get a series of six treatments.

Each Treatment Has Their Unique Benefits On Improving You Appearance


Before your treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the face and then removed before microchannel process begins. The ProCell stamp is then applied on face, neck or decollate and other parts of the body including knees and back of the arms. Having prepared a blank canvas, the skin is receptive to absorb 80% more high quality serum that will be applied in this treatment phase. Skin Care with Dory infuses pure peptide serum. Your micro channeled skin continues to rebuild new collagen for weeks and months after treatment creating firmer and stronger structured skin.

Skin Care with Dory utilizes ProCell® microchannel technology. Unlike aggressive microneedling technologies, such as pens and rollers, that may cause damage and inflammation to the skin, the ProCell technology is an exclusive process that stimulates the wound healing response with by the use of a patented stamp that creates tight microcurrents on the skin and  encourages new, epidermal growth factors, peptides, cytokines and collagen stimulation. The procedure triggers bio-signal stem cells to build a fresher, healthier complexion with little actual damage to the skin.

When your skin channels are open, We deeply feed your skin with AnteAge stem & gf cytokines and pure hyaluronic peptides. While enhancing Microneedling; The stem cells restore and regenerate skin and speed healing with less inflammation and superior results. Hyaluronic peptides bath skin in moisture building hydration. This combination dials up the effectiveness and results of Microneedling.

Collagen Induction Therapy/ Microchanneling with ProCell and AnteAge stem & gf cytokines. Treatment includes AnteAge MD Stem cell Aftercare kit.

60 minute – New Client: Includes Brightening AnteAge derived cytokines and growth Factors and After care Kit: $330-
40-60 minute -Established Client: Includes Brightening AnteAge derived cytokines and growth Factors and After care Kit: $330-
40- 60 minute -Microneedling 6 Series: $1,840- (save $140-)
65 minute – Microneedling 2 zones/ Add Neck or Declotte: $575- (save $75-)
70 minute – Microneedling 2 zones/6 series: $3,300- (save $510-)
75 minute -Microneedling 3 zones/Add Neck and Declotte: $790- (save $155-)
75 minute – Microneedling 3 zones/6 series: $ 4,970- (save $700-)