Skin Care With Dory Offers Facial Treatments in Boulder, CO

European Facials, Aqua Facials, Medi-Facials, Nano-needling and Pepti-Nano masks. Each treatment have their unique benefit on improving your appearance and taking care of the health of your skin.

Each Treatment Has Their Unique Benefits On Improving Your Appearance


This facial is the ultimate in pampering yourself  “with purpose”.

All new clients need a “First Experience” – So we can get to know each other. This means you let me know what you want for your skin. We are targeting anti-aging skin solutions for your lifestyle with science backed results oriented skin products and a professional treatment plan.

European Facials including pampering such as facial lymphatic drainage, arm & neck massage and aromatherapy. Plan to be relaxed and rejuvenated while improving your skin. Green Massage CBD added per request.

The Total Facial System

Look Refreshed and Revitalized in Express Time!

Depending on your skin type and needs for rejuvenation- There is a three step process. This process is customized for your best results. All include a third step hydration treatment as we live at high altitude and  hydrated skin protects from aging elements in Colorado.

Anti-Aging/Brightening: rebuilds collagen, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles and removes dead skin and infuses the highest therapeutic products with glowing results. It imparts healthy-looking skin that is smooth to the touch and appearance that is well- nourished and visible brightened complexion.

-Acneic: Skin is balanced and ready to be removed blackheads are lifted out. Skin is detoxified while nourished while increasing cellular turnover. There might be some purging after this facial as skin is clearer to come into harmony.

-Resurfacing: Exfoliating, brightening and texture improvement. Skin will appear less dull, softer and smoother. Products may penetrate much more efficiently.

We use highest quality Truth Treatment Drench serums. A  custom mask is highly suggested following Aqua Facial.

The Aqua Facial does not offer massage.

Look Great Tonight and After!

Our exclusive Facial Infusion treatment is a potent blend of professional-grade products and customized solutions designed to stimulate your skin’s natural regenerative processes, delivering immediate and striking results. Enjoy a more vibrant, firm, and smooth complexion with noticeable improvements in elasticity and texture. Say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone as our treatment enhances hydration, reduces the appearance of pores, and supports blemish healing. Featuring a personalized mix of Peptide Serum, Stem Cell Infusion, enriched with Osmosis skin nutrition, powerful Vitamin A, tailored Masks, and active Enzymes, your skin will look not just great tonight, but radiant in the long term. This treatment is suggested  for every 4 weeks with Vitamin A serum daily in home regime.

Custom masks soothe  hydrate and heal skin. Experience deep hydration. Penetrating peptide serums for plumper and rejuvenated skin! Viktoria DeAnne pepti Nano mask clinically improves hydration by 72%. Also now offering Xo8 Vital restorative mask delivery luxurious snail liquid and nourishing botanicals.

Facial Treatments

European Custom Facial/Gentlemen’s European Facial
60 minutes –$145-

Facial Infusion/Pepti Nano mask:
50 minutes – $165-

Aqua Facial Express/Pepti nano mask:
55 minutes – : $198-

***Treatments are most effective with Add Ons:

0 minutes – Extra Pepti Nano Mask: $38-
20 minutes – Nano needling 3-pack:$125- (save $10)

30 minutes dermaplane $95-

See Packages Page for Package Discount