“Oh No Age Spots”!

For some of you, you like getting tan right? Popular opinion is a tan often makes people look refreshed, “vacationed” and some would even think to look thinner looking. I get it- I grew up in the 1980s and wanted desperately to be tan, and I avidly worked on it…and have come to regret it. Our skin is the first thing people, so its an important vanity issue. The pursuit of being tan gained popularity in the 1920s, especially for the Rich with spare money and leisure time as a sign of good health. Nowadays, we are much more aware of the aging issues that get created by being too tan and the beauty and health implications that “too much Sun” can have.

Skin is complex and brilliant! Although most people do not realize this: Skin is our largest organ. It protects us- Without our skin, our bodies can not survive. It holds our muscles, tendons, vascular system, and other organs together. It regulates our temperatures by cooling us off through sweating or heating us by shivering. It keeps the environment out and our insides inside of us. It also allows us to sense pain and pleasure and acts as our ”animal barometer for survival.”

What are Age Spots?
Age Spots or “Liver Spots” are those brown spots on your skin that often can show up starting in your 40s. These spots are larger than a freckle and are earned versus purely genetic. Estheticians refer to this and treat it as “Hyperpigmentation” and are the slowest to treat and take the most discipline to reduce. Age spots are most prevalent on hands, forearms, face, neck, and declotte.

What Causes Age Spots?
The most common cause is too much sun exposure when UV radiation damages the cellular DNA creating Inflammatory factors that produce too much melanin. Melanin is our natural protector- It is the pigment produced in the skin in the basal layer through multiple chemical processes in the body. It is responsible for protecting the skin from UV rays by making skin darker when exposed to sunlight. Melanin gets overproduced and clumps creating discoloration. As well, too much sun exposure breaks the skin fibers, and we lose Elastin and Collagen, creating weaker skin that shows as sagging and wrinkles.

Other internal factors can play a part too: Too much exposure to toxins or certain medications can be lifted up and out through the skin as melanin can sometimes “pick up garbage” on its way up to excrete these toxins and create leftover trash on the surface. Hormone imbalances can also wreak havoc on creating age spots, and it is best practice to get hormones in balance to curb age spot issues and create balance for stronger and clearer skin. Systemic inflammation weakens the excretory system and creates a build-up that needs to be excreted, and the skin takes on the job. Another thing to consider is too high a load of heavy metals in the system.

How to Prevent Age Spots?

  • Limit sun exposure and try to avoid the sun between peak hours of 10 am- 2 pm.
  • Wear broad-spectrum sunblock and re-apply every 80 minutes or more often if swimming or sweating.
  • Cover skin with long sleeves and pants.
  • Wear a broad-rimmed sun hat and sunglasses.
  • Consider gentle exfoliation as part of your face and body regime.
  • Balance your hormones with your physician.
  • Check the side effects of medications and their effect on your liver and kidneys.
  • Limit reduce and clean up exposure to toxins.
  • Drink plenty of clean water daily to flush.
  • Eat organic vegetables and fruits and a healthy diet.
  • Consider the causes of inflammation in your body and figure strategies to reduce inflammation.
  • Take Care of your teeth and, if need be, check for an overload of metals with a physician.

What does Skin Care with Dory offer to reduce and get rid of Age spots?
Your skin is a barometer of your history and your inner health. During your consultation, We discuss lifestyle choices, skincare, nutrition, and habits that may affect your skin and create a game plan of treatments and home care to fit your skincare desires. Some Age spots are very surface, and regular Aqua Facials ( most superficial ) or a Chemical Peels series may be suggested to brighten and even out skin tone. A Microneedling series may be recommended to break up melanin in the body and to even out the skin tone. Vitamin A infused Nano-Needling every 4 weeks may also be suggested. I advise my clients at Skin Care with Dory that Age spots were created for protection and come up from deep skin layers- So have patience and know it will take daily targeted home care and time to reduce them.

What products at Skin Care with Dory would help reduce Age spots?

Our top suggestions would be these:
Viktoria DeAnn: ***Pepti Hp Correct, Repair, Rejuvenator
Osmosis: Catalyst AC-11, Correct or Renew Vitamin A, Stem Factor
Jan Marini: Bio-clear and Rosalieve and Renu for hands.

Information on these products can be viewed HERE

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