I am Dory’s newest and happiest customer! Being new to the array of skincare products, Dory was indispensable as she helped me find the right products. She was patient and helpful during my virtual consultation. I am loving the Stem Factor and Boost combination for my skin. l highly recommend Skin Care with Dory!

Leland Smith

Dory is an absolute pleasure. Her knowledge goes much further than skin deep, and her ever-expanding quest for ultimate quality products to enhance her client’s personalized experience & selection of options unmatched. If you’re looking for that one-on-one personalized skincare service, look no further. Dory is the real deal.

Deb DAndrea

“Dory is a talented, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled esthetician. I moved to Colorado 4 years ago and the dry climate was taking a serious toll on my skin. I tried many products and high-end skincare treatments, but nothing was working. It was only when I started seeing Dory, and using her recommended skincare products and treatments, that my skin started looking and feeling better than it has in years! She has been able to assess and treat my skin needs more effectively than anyone else I have ever worked with. I am very happy with the results! I highly recommend Dory!”
Anne Ingels
“Walked out of my facial with dewy new skin! After months of lockdown, Dory was the transformation I needed. She paid extraordinarily close attention to my skin and explained every step in wonderful detail. She sent me home with a customized plan that I was *excited* to put into action. Can’t recommend enough!
Rebecca Johnson
“Dory provides great facials, professional skin treatments, and quality products to take home to continue the ‘goodness’ for my face. I love the whole process and how hydrated and clear my skin becomes.”
Gina Crago
“Dory’s amazing! She is so good at telling you what you need to do to make your skin healthier and lovelier. With two professional degrees one from Colorado and the other from California and accredited in both states, she’s is on your side when she lets you know what is best for your skin. On top of that her products have made a world of difference for my skin. Well past retirement age, my skin looks years younger when I take the steps Dory recommends and if I stop doing that as I did for a week or so – my skin sags back into that old lady look I never want to see in the mirror. My face has taught me this lesson the hard way. I follow her recommendations to the letter and am glowing again. Thank you Dory!”
Dr Dorcas McDonald

“I am thoroughly impressed by Dory’s expertise in skin care. My face has never felt this hydrated and beautiful before! I’m addicted and will be booking a package so that I can keep on top of healthy skin especially with the dry air out here.”

Sharon Harmon

“Girlfriends & I were visiting Boulder for a wedding and someone recommended, Skin Care w/ Dory – Despite short notice, she was able to fit me in. Received a facial, nano mask + etc. When it comes to my skin, I have made the rounds at all the top salons (Miraval, Joanna Vargas. Radiance) Dory is a smaller shop, but because she knows her stuff + was so thoughtful + used such high quality products …. this facial ended up being one of the best. I certainly see a huge improvement in my skin. It is cleaner, rejuvenated & moisturized to the max. I recommend her highly! ?”

Jessica Caveat

“I have been going to Dory since January, 2019. I am 60+ and have had years of every type of facial possible. At my first appointment with Dory, it was obvious that she knows her products and business! She is articulate, detailed and patient when explaining each procedure. She wants you to know and understand the process as well, so you will come back. One reason I get facials is because I want to look and feel good when in public. Since going to Dory, I’m aware that, both men and women, are telling me I am beautiful! This has never happened to me before her!! I love that there is an option, other than expensive, cosmetic surgery, because most of the time, those people look dramatically different, but not in a good way! I highly recommend Dory. Thank you, Dory!!”

Ginny Schuster

“Dory’s services are phenomenal. From the Derma planing, to her facials and the products she has found to fight aging and protect my skin are like no other services or products that I have experienced. I have had services at Christine Valmy, the Red Door in NYC and the Four Seasons just to mention a few places that I’ve been to over the years. However, I will never go anywhere else in the future for she is the most knowledge person who has the answers on how to keep my skin it’s best. Thank you.”

Kim Lawless

“Dory is a talented, passionate and clearly has been well-educated in the area of skin care. She has directed me to amazing products and I leave every appointment with a noticeable change in my skin. I look forward to working with her for a long time and her continued reversal of my aging process.”

Jennifer Pillari

“Dory’s experience and knowledge is extensive! It shows that she has done massive research on her products in order to give the best quality facials, which let you leave her office glowing and feeling fabulous! I love my appointments with her!”

Ginny Schuster

“Dory is incredibly knowledgeable about her products and how to really make a difference to my skin. I have very sensitive skin and she took the time to try out different things to make sure I wouldn’t have a bad reaction. I am starting to see a real improvement and a younger more glowing face.”

Kali Martin

“Dory is very knowledgeable of skin care products and services. She explains every step of the process and does not do any thing you are not comfortable with. I have done both chemical peels and microneedling with Dory and am happy with the results. If you want a professional skin care consultant who is truly invested in what your skin needs, then I highly recommend Skin Care with Dory.”

Lori McCue

“Dory knows skin. She listens carefully and applies what you need the most. She is passionate, insightful and professional. Her products are top of the line. I wouldn’t trust my skin with anyone else. She aims to please and will not leave your skin “hanging”. 🙂 She’s an amazing person and I look forward to my skin improving each time I visit. Thank you Dory!!”

Teresa Lipsey

“Dory’s studio is a welcoming and comfortable environment. She uses the finest quality products and puts in time and care to do the best for your skin. My face is smooth, dewy soft and glowing after receiving just one of her treatments. I highly recommend visiting Dory for all of your skincare needs.”

Julie Pellerin

“Dory is an amazing researcher – always looking for the best of everything to bring to her clients. She is so thorough and great with education. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for younger skin! Microneedling was amazing!!!”

Kristen Judd

“Dory has been so extremely diligent with her explanations and suggestions on how to get my skin back to being healthy. She has supreme products and they all work with each other to give the benefits I need for my skin.”

Amber Johnson

“Dory is amazing! She’s taken my long-neglected skin and improved every aspect of it. My eyes have opened up, my wrinkles are shrinking, my skin is getting firmer, and my skin color is more uniform. Dory has used her comprehensive knowledge of skin care to select the techniques and products that my skin so badly needed. She cares deeply about using the best techniques and products to improve improving my skin. Thanks so much, Dory!”

Midge Castillo

“Dory’s facials are very soothing, professional and the results have been exceptional. I have chosen two of the non-invasive treatments, Microcurrent and European Facial on separate occasions and have left her spa feeling revitalized, relaxed and renewed and my skin maintained a healthy glow. I have had many facials and truly enjoyed my experience with Dory as well as the results from her treatments.”

Leslie Van Grove

“I can not say enough about Dory and her skin care system. Her Micro-needling procedure, Procell therapy and the powerful growth serums is a natural way to get results better than a face lift.”

Kim Byrne

“Dory is a very knowledgeable and skilled esthetician. She has been able to assess and treat my skin needs more accurately and effectively than anyone else I have worked with. I am very happy with the results I have received from her care. I highly recommend her!”

Anne Devereux

“I had couple Microneedling sessions with Dory and absolutely love my skin. I had some scaring on my forehead from a strong chemical peel done by a doctor which are softer after working with Dory. Also I don’t notice as many lines and wrinkles and the texture of my skin is better. During one of the sessions Dory did a Pepti Nano Mask which really hydrated my skin and I was not even red the next day from the Microneedling even though my skin is generally quite sensitive. Absolutely love her work and keep recommending it to my clients.”

Petra Stedronova