Services can often be combined to accelerate your results and Your Skin will Love you for Add ons!


LED Light Therapy: $50- ( 15 minutes)

Pepti Nano mask: $38- ( 20 minutes or at time of LED Light Therapy)

Nano Needling: (20 minutes)
Individual or 3-pack (save $15)

Peptide Infusion $40-
Vitamin A Infusion: $55-
Stem Cell infusion with custom cocktail: $40-
All three of above: $120- (save $15)

Green Massage: $20- ( added during European Facials only for deeper relaxation)

Chemical Peel: $149- or part of series
“Very” Active Enzyme Peel: $55- (only for European Facials)

Brow Tint: $20-

Lash Tint: $30-

Lash and Brow Tint: $45-