LED Light Therapy Treatments

Experience the powerful anti-aging benefits and healing with state-of-the-art LED lights. LED Light Therapy improves cellular health by increasing cellular turnover and improving Collagen and Elastin production, Improves skin’s firmness and bounce back with a reduced look of fine lines and wrinkles, LED Light is also very beneficial for treating acne and wound healing.

Each Treatment Has Their Unique Benefits On Improving You Appearance


Although, All skin types benefit from LED light Therapy. In office, LED Therapy is used to target Anti Aging, Acne and wound healing. As we age, we are exposed to environmental toxins and a gather sun damage; our skin weakens and our fibroblasts decrease. Red Light therapy penetrates into the skin increasing circulation, accelerating cell repair and healing our own skins ability to produce more collagen and elastin for smoother more youthful skin.

Using LED Light Therapy: Both Inflammatory and non inflammatory acne can be improved with regular use by dismantling and cleaning up acne causing bacteria, reducing irritation, inflammation and redness.

Yes, It is FDA Approved. It is non toxic and painless.

A dome of lights is placed over your Face your eyes are covered. You can lift off the dome. Many clients sleep through it.

Because of the healing and anti-aging benefits, . LED is a stand alone service or can be added on to all treatments – except chemical peels, especially micro needling and can be used at the same time as the Pepti-Nano mask. Suggested 10 treatments 2x per week and then as needed for maintenance.

LED Light Therapy

20 minute – LED Lights Therapy: $40-

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