Why is the Pepti Nano Mask a Client Favorite?

Why is the Pepti Nano Mask a Client Favorite?
Because our skin is dry at this elevation: We are exposed to harsh winds, high UV radiation, and low humidity. This makes our skin feel uncomfortable and tight.  Visually, Dry skin looks parched, pores are visibly larger, and finalizes and wrinkles are more profound. We have a  compromised barrier and healing is slowed. The skin cells do not have the moisture content for a more radiant dewier complexion.
What is a Pepti Nano mask?
The Viktoria DeAnn Pepti nano mask is an intensive treatment mask. It is bio-compatible, hypoallergenic, and made of bio-degradable material. It is made of 100% natural cellulose by the latest bio- fiber technology. These fine fibers are 2-50 nanometers thick and lay on the skin allowing it to breathe and adhere to the contours of the individual face. Because it is like a second skin – Active Products penetrate deeply into the grooves of each person’s skin and especially their dry areas and specifically into wrinkles.
What are the benefits of a peptides nano mask?
  • Skin moisture increased up to 72%
  • Actively penetrates peptides deeper into skin speeding results
  • Fine lines reduced by 22.8%
  • Pore size reduced by 35.5%
  • Noticeable renewed glow and plumper skin
  • Improves texture and luminosity
How is a peptides Nano mask different from other masks? 
Most other sheet masks are made of jelly or wood pulp and sit/float over the on top of the skin.  With the unique pepti nanofiber weave that is 1/250th the thickness of other masks- this mask meshes closely to the skin to deliver products more efficiently
Are there clinical trials on this? 
Tests were conducted with M-808 skin moisture analyzer.
Also, Ask my clients- They LOVE the pepti -nano mask.
When should a client use a pepti nano mask?
If possible- with every treatment- Your skin will love you for it. This mask is for in-office treatment only.  
It can be a stand-alone treatment, though most clients get it as an add on and often do a second one on their neck.

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