Why Your Esthetician is one of your “First Lines of Defense”

The other day I had a male client in with a thick beard.  This was his first facial – and by the way- He loved it!  I noticed a suspicious spot; a very dark spot with irregular borders and discoloration buried within his beard. He had told me he had seen it but had been ignoring it. (Note: Commonly, Many people ignore suspect spots hoping they will disappear). It turned out to be a pre-cancerous spot and because of our discussion; he went to a dermatologist and had it removed quickly – possibly side stepping a future health problem.

Maybe you get treatments from an Esthetician just to “Look Good”- Which is why most people come in for Facials. “Please Dial Back the Clock”, They say.  We support that and get it. But, On our end – It’s more health-oriented and as an Esthetician, we are trained to analyze and examine your skin close up. We are mostly noticing your skin’s health since that is what shows up as vitality and radiance.

Besides your Beauty and Good Looks- What are we analyzing and Why does it matter for you?

What do we look for? Estheticians are trained and have professional magnifying glasses and lights and tools to see your skin more clearly.

There are many qualities we are accessing because your skin is telling us about your inner biology and lifestyle:

  • Does your skin visually look hydrated or dehydrated? Dry or oilier?
  • What is the visual vascular layout?
  • Are you getting enough clean water and eating healthy fats?
  • Are your pores small or large and are they impacted or clear?
  • Is your skin even colored or has darker or reddish patches or spots.?
  • Our hands can feel the texture of our skin: Is it rough, dry, bumpy, scarred, flaky, elastic, resilient, and have bounce-back ability?
  • Is there laxity of the skin and where is it?
  • Are there fine lines, wrinkles, patterned textures or lines, and where?
  • Is there acne or other skin disruptions?
  •  Are there certain areas that need particular attention?
  • Are there any spots that look like they could be possible skin cancer or another medical issue?

Since we are on this journey with you – This leads an Esthetician to ask questions like:

  • Are you getting enough clean water and eating healthy fats?
  • How is your diet? Sleep?
  • What is are exposures and Stress levels?
  • Are medicines or hormones affecting your skin quality?
  • Are you using SPF?
  • What is your daily skincare regime?
  • What are your long-term and short-term desires for your skin and its health?
  • What are you willing to commit to improving your skin?

Overall, We help you get your “Skin Ship “ sailing in the right direction for you and often are one of the First Lines of Defense to help you sail more smoothly.  While training you in prevention. We encourage you to keep an eye on your skin’s changes and teach you what your skin is trying to tell you.  If there is a possible medical question; Of course, We do not diagnose but encourage you to visit a qualified dermatologist.

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