30 Day skin Care challenge!

With many of us jumping into our New Year’s Get in shape plan –  Having radiant healthy skin will help.
It takes time to groove into a routine. It’s so much easier to reach for the Quick fix like lipstick or concealer instead of daily home care. That’s the tough part. Though, After 30 days of consistent daily skin home care routine, You will begin to see the benefits. After a few months you
Why 30 days?
Because normal skin cell turnover in adults is 28 days ++- It really depends on what decade you are in and your lifestyle choices.  Babies and children have faster skin turnover. Babies grow new cells every 7-14 days, That’s why they have that clearer unblemished dewy skin! As We age, Our skin slows down and needs more support (vitamin A, C, Niacinamide, peptides, moisture), encouragement retinols, retinaldyhydes, niacin, Alpha hydroxy acids) and We all need protection ( SPF, Moisture, Oils).
What does this entail for 30 days?
It means really doing your skincare regime for 30 days constantly in the morning and at night.
Do I need special at-home stuff?
A clean washcloth is really what you need.
Your customized products will make a significant improvement to your skin issues and health.  Some clients Use the Epic Tool for deeper product penetration. Some clients purchase an at-home Microcurrent device.
Why Give it time?
Skin Care has come a long, long way. Now we have professionally formulated products with high-quality science-based and tested ingredients. Most of these products have nanoparticles and/or a delivery system to deliver the active ingredients into the cells. But, as far as we have come-  Skin Care is not an overnight fix- You need (again) consistent use and time to see the benefits. In general, Plan to use a product for at least six weeks one to two times daily to benefit with visible results.  At four months, You are effecting deeper lasting change. Think about it like going to the gym and eating healthy for a new body- It takes time and showing up to effect change. You will be glad you did this when you look in the mirror and like what is reflected back to you!
How to simplify:
Talk to Skin Care with Dory to find a regime that works for your skincare goals and for your lifestyle -so that you find you are willing to stick with it.
Want some more information on What Home Care matters and when you will see results:



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