What is compromised Skin Barrier?

What is compromised Skin Barrier? 
When a person’s skin is not functioning as healthy as it could be and seems to be breaking down instead of rejuvenating in balance. The Acid Mantle of the skin is a delicate balance of oil and water that is the protection for the skin’s homeostasis for it to function as the body barrier, cooling, and heating system.
When the skin is in balance it shows up a clearer, brighter, hydrated dewier complexion- That- for vanity’s sake is considered more beautiful.
How does compromised skin barrier show up?
Skin that no longer looks and feels healthy: This may appear as:
– Dryness
– Dullness
– Flaking
– Redness
– Irritation
– Extra sensitivity
– Breakouts
– Pigmentation
 – Wrinkles
– Sagging
– Open sores or wounds
– Thinning skin
What are the main culprits of compromised skin? 
Overall, Genetic predisposition, Age, and Lifestyle affect Barrier function
External influences could be: harsh weather, too much sun, allergy to produce on skin, allergy to detergents, over stripping skin, harsh scrubs, using the wrong skin care products, too strong of a peel, pollutants, Dust, etc.
Internal Influences: Health issues, Medications, Allergies, Dehydration, Lack of sleep, Hormonal changes, Lack of nutrition, Digestion
Can Skin Barrier be improved?
Yes by making smart changes to lifestyle, exposures, and choices.
What lifestyle changes be done to improve Compromised skin?
I tell clients “ Sleep can override most skincare regimes. Lowering stress and getting enough sleep is the fastest way to heal and improve skin barrier.” Cleaning up the digestive tract and eliminating allergens will show up on the face as a brighter and clearer complexion. Often this means possibly cutting back on sugars, alcohols, dairy, and other offending food sources. As Holistic Estheticians; We encourage healthy Omegas, Collagens, and Nutrition. At Skin Care with Dory; I really talk about supplements because we can only improve the skin so far by just addressing it topically and we need to approach it from the inside.
What does Skin Care with Dory suggest Topically to improve skin barrier function and skin health?
It is really customized to each client’s needs. Skin Care with Dory carries 4 skin Care lines with unique philosophies. I try to match the client’s lifestyle, goals, and skin care needs to specific products from Osmosis Beauty, TruthTreatment Systems, Viktoria DeAnn, and Jan Marini.
What does Skin Care with Dory suggest internally to improve skin barrier?
At Skin Care with Dory, We offer these products to improve and support skin and body health:
Recovery Oil: Improves gut microbiome, fortifies probiotics, and replaces fat pads.
Regenerate: Fortifies and Improves liver function and health.
Skin Defense: Contains DIM and Charcoal ( and more) to remove estrogenic and pesticide toxins.
Skin Clarifier: To remove gut mucus to clear blemishes and candida.
Digestive enzymes: To Improve digestion.
Elevate; To increase metabolism and immunity.
VRS: To rebalance moisture and health of vaginal walls.
Elixirs: Targeted for specific skin care needs.
For someone who wants to improve barrier function- What would be the First place to start?
Getting a consultation and quality home skin care to rebuild skin barrier.
LED Light with a hydrating peptides nano mask is an excellent treatment for healing the skin.

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