It’s Sweater Weather- What about your skin?

How does Fall Season in Colorado affect skin?
As temperatures cool down, humidity levels drop. Low humidity causes dry air causes dry skin. This can exaggerate existing conditions like eczema or itchy, scaly, cracked skin.  Skin will try to grab moisture from the air, and when there is no moisture, the skin is less strong, healthy, and protected.
Why do I say “less strong and protected”- and therefore “less healthy”? 
Our skin has an acid mantle. The role and job of the acid mantle is to protect your skin. It is slightly acidic. This acidity slightly buffers/repels harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could damage the skin and lead to weakened skin conditions and infections and will not look as healthy. The acid mantle is made of a delicate balance of oils and waters. It is also the skin’s moisture barrier. There are many factors that deplete, assault, and weaken this barrier internally and externally. This leads to Trans dermal water loss. As Estheticians, we refer to this as TEWL. Defined as how much water leaves your body through your skin. We are trying to build your TEWL or your outermost skin layer, which is your stratum corner, to be hydrated, moist, healthy, and protected.
Symptoms of TEWL:
Skin Can look dry, dull, flaky, scaly, itchy, have more fine lines, and have a rougher texture. Skin will not absorb products as well. TEWL is said to play a role in acne or eczema.
What factors deplete the acid mantle and lead to TEWL?
– Environmental elements: such as high altitude, High UVA/UVB exposure, arid topography, and wind.
– In office and home heating and forced air and air conditioners.
– Over -exfoliating and stripping the protective layers from the skin.
– Over Toning skin with toners that strip beneficial oils.
– None or incorrect skincare routine.
– Lack of a healthy diet with high-quality nutrition and oils and fats.
– Internal factors: such as medications, stress, lack of sleep, too much sugar or alcohol.
How to build a healthy acid mantle and slow TEWL?
– If too dry-stop over-exfoliating or using toner.
– Switch to a rich and gentle cleanser.
– Drink more water with electrolytes.
– Consider adding healthy fats to your diet.
– Add a humidifier to the bedroom,
– Start an intelligent skincare routine (notice the word intelligent)
What products help?
At Skin Care with Dory, I treat and serve anti-aging skin care in a high altitude and arid Colorado. This means we need extra protection.
Often I suggest:
– A Vitamin C because Vitamin C is lipophilic, brightening, and hydrating. I offer three kinds: Truth Treatments, Jan Marini, and Osmosis.
Osmosis Stem Factor – Growth Factors that heal, protect, and rejuvenate the skin.
Osmosis Recovery Oil for internal use to heal the gut microbiome. fulfill Omega 3,6,7 and 9 needs and rebuild facial fat pads.
Viktoria DeAnn Hyaluronic peptide and collagen gel.
This list could go on and on, as I have so many great products in my Treatment room waiting to become part of your strong skincare routine. Please reach out with any questions: [email protected]
Yes, This is me- And I have to do all the things I tell you to support my skin too:)!

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