What I packed for my trip to Portugal?

What I packed for my trip to Portugal?
We all know packing for a trip can be some ”serious organizing”-
We need to little all our stuff down into only what we need for the allotted time and then we are often still over-packed.
Most of us also want to keep up on our healthy habits and really streamline our personal care so we can enjoy our adventure.
Do 1-2 weeks of skincare really matter?
Yes! You will look better during your trip and after you return. Think of it like how you look and feel after 2 weeks of healthy eating and working out vs 2 weeks of eating junk food and being lazy.

Where is the best place to buy little containers?
Most people look to beauty supply stores.
I prefer camping stores like REI or hardware stores where I stock up on various sizes of containers. Having a Label making really helps organize everything. My containers could have held up to 3 weeks of skincare products.

Where is the best place to buy a travel bag?
I use a hanging bag with multiple compartments that I got at REI camping section.
What about supplements?
Supplements seem to work well in baggies with labels. This last trip to Portugal I took:
Electrolytes ( Individually packed)
Osmosis Digestive enzymes ( Fast acting digestive enzymes, reduce bloating, aid digestion)
Osmosis Elevate ( Increases metabolism, energy, immunity, and mood)
Regenerate ( Liver and collagen renewal)
Recovery oil ( Sea buckthorn oil for omegas 3,6,7,9, pre-biotics, and fat pad renewal)
How do I tighten down my regime for my trip?
These containers I found could hold up to approximately 3 weeks of skincare.
I had
– Osmosis Lift Away Cleanser: creamy, fatty cleanser that lifts off impurities without drying skin.
– A cocktail of Replenish, Correct, Rescue– My personal mix for my skin type. Each person will have their own mix.
– Spray bottle of infuse – To spread creams and add moisture and have a superior delivery system.
– Vitamin C Balm. Would have loved Vitamin C- For nighttime moisture and brightening.
– Jan Marini eye cream
Jan Marini Tinted SPF – often doubles as light makeup.
If I had been away longer I would have packed peptides
What else?
Cotton rounds, Q-Tips

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