Why did Skin Care with Dory choose NeurotriS?

Why did Skin Care with Dory choose NeurotriS microcurrent?
 I believed there was a more powerful technology. NeurotriS surpassed my expectations.  Many companies with superior products, I find have less slick marketing, but a Mastermind behind the scenes who craft superior products or machines.
 What makes NeurotriS different than other microcurrent devices? 
NeurotriS is the only 4 channel microcurrent system on the market giving you 4 times more power in one movement. There are 8 contact points with greater results in a shorter amount of time. Each metal prong has independent channel instructions specific to each program for the desired effect.  Plus it has a biofeedback impedance meter to automatically detect skin resistance. Adjusting the power so that each person gets the best results regardless of age or skin type.
 How was NeurotriS invented?
 Neurotris Microcurrent Device was conceived and birthed by Tony Picciano, Chief Engineer and CEO NeurotriS is an FDA-approved medical device manufacturer.
How does it work?
Microcurrent uses a small amount of electrical current to increase collagen, elasticity, blood circulation, and ATP for your younger-looking skin.
What does it treat and what are the Programs?
 A session is custom-tailored for each client depending on their needs. NeurotriS treats:
– Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
– Improves sun damage, rosacea, acne, meals, and more
– Stimulates blood circulation to detoxify skin, and reduces inflammation and dark circles.
– Improves skin balance, hydration, and healing
The Programs include:
Nano/Deep line smoothing
Pico/Fine line smoothing
Tone/Skin Toning and tightening
Dermal Build/ Prep for deep muscle toning and Facial Lifting
Dermal Lift/Deep muscle toning and Facial Lifting
Are there other programs?
Yes, Skin Care with Dory uses silver conductive gloves for further Lifting, Toning, and Smoothing.
Also, special probes are used for Lip or eye area treatments.
Is it difficult to hold those “Forks”- That you call “Probes”?
Yes, To be honest- It is awkward. I had to practice for a while to find agility with my hands. Pair that with an understanding of the skin and underlying facial muscles and the programs in NeurotriS and it takes some experience to learn to do. It becomes a learned skill set and an intuitive understanding of what is needed for each client.
Does Madonna and Paris Hilton really use NeurotriS?
From publicity images of both of them (separately) with NeurotiS and with public endorsements- Yes, I think they benefit from regular NeurotriS microcurrent Facial lifting/sculpting. At the end of the day, I am not with them- but I hear they as well as other athletes and celebrities use NeurotriS regularly.
How long is a session? How many?
Each session is an hour-long, 40-65 minutes on the machine depending on add-on programs.
To Get up to speed: Recommended 10-15 sessions, twice a week for 5-8 weeks.
Then once every 2-5 weeks for maintenance.
What treatments pair well with Microcurrent?
Most clients stack treatments such as chemical peels, nano needling, microneedling, LED or dermaplaning as well as a home care routine that supports results.
Will I look good that night?
After a Microcurrent treatment with Skin Care with Dory, the face is less swollen, more contoured and lifted, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Someone might say you look “well-rested or healthy”! You might notice you look younger your face looks generally better.
For more information or to book: https://skincarewithdory.com/microcurrent-facials

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