Keep your skin looking Lit

“Keep your skin looking Lit”– Paris Hilton ( about Neurotris Microcurrent)

Microcurrent aka: The Red Carpet Facial

Refresh, revive, renew, relax…Is it time for you to revitalize your vibrant and healthy ( and Youthful) glow? Skin Care by Dory offers a replenishing microcurrent facial that will enhance the natural glow to your skin, help minimize fine lines and present a noticeably smoother complexion. This natural, organic facial has been called the “Celebrity Lunchtime Facial”, as it conveniently has no recovery time.

Microcurrent technology is a clinically tested therapy using biotechnology that mimics your body’s naturally occurring electrical impulses then triggers biochemical reactions at the cellular level.   Micro-impulses communicated from the body to the technician’s instrument and back to the body while training the muscles to lift and tighten sagging skin,  stimulate collagen. elastin and improve ATP  production(Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a primary energy carrier in all living organisms…). An added feature is that the treatment supports the lightening of sunspots and dark pigmentation.  The experience is so gentle and relaxing that many clients fall asleep during a treatment.

This is one of the Top anti-aging facial treatments and includes an enzyme mask and custom  Viktoria DeAnn pure peptides that penetrate into the skin, leaving the skin smoother and more refined, and many say “Refreshed, Lifted and Glowing”.  While results will be noticed after the first treatment, long last results may take 10 sessions. Treatments are suggested at 2 per week for 5 weeks if possible. Many clients have found that adding monthly treatments have longer-term results.

Costly and painful surgeries may be avoided by utilizing the newest treatments for skincare including the microcurrent technologies for a results-oriented, natural holistic approach to anti-aging.

Which Microcurrent technology is used at Skin Care with Dory- and why is it the best?

Skin Care with Dory is delighted to share FDA-approved Neurotris Microcurrent Technology. NeurotriS™ is the #1 leader for professional microcurrent machines used for anti-aging. The NeurotriS Quality control ensures that this machine delivers a quality microcurrent machine that outperforms any other system on the market. All NeurotriS™ machines have bio-feedback skin impedance monitoring that maintains the appropriate multi-signal no matter the skin impedance. It is because of this ability to maintain multi-signal purity, NeurotriS™ body and facial machines produce faster results that last longer.

Benefits include:

  • skin toning and lifting
  • muscle stimulation
  • firming of skin on face and body
  • relaxation
  • increasing ATP production
  • stimulates collagen and elastin
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces symptoms of acne and rosacea
  • stimulates collagen and elastin
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces symptoms of acne and rosacea

This particular treatment is not recommended for clients who:  

  •  Are pregnant
  •  Have epilepsy
  •  Have a pacemaker
  •  Have metal plates or pins
  •  Have active Cancer
  •  Diabetes (will need your doctor’s approval)
  •  Braces on teeth/( best to wait until they are off)

What is Red Carpet Facial like?

It is relaxing and a little weird.  The Microcurrent is a healing beta wave that relaxes your body. Many clients fall asleep after they trust the “current sensation”. Current can feel like a buzz or very slight muscle contractions.  Skin Care with Dory uses Fork-looking probes to Oxygenate, Tone, Lift and build your skin, increasing circulation, draining lymph, smoothing skin, and retraining muscles.

Do Celebrities use Microcurrent?

Yes, Many of them use microcurrent as their regular regime and I would imagine getting extra treatment before the Red Carpet.  Madonna and Paris Hilton love NeurotriS System Microcurrent.

“It’s like a mini work out for your Face” – Jennifer Aniston on Microcurrent

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