Why does Home Care matter so much for your skin?

People walk into my office and tell me what they love about their skin and what they want to change.  More than anything I hear people want to turn back time to when their skin looked smoother, more even-toned, sculpted, brighter, and glowing: In essence “ They want to look younger” or “look healthier” or “ more radiant” and then they go into detail about why it matters to them.

Think of your Esthetician like your Trainer or Coach.  I tell my clients that 60-80% (which is a lot!) is about their life choices and  what they do at Home to their skin. This includes their quality of sleep, their hydration levels, their supplements, stress levels, lifestyle and environment, and using sunscreen. During our time together, We set up a customized treatment plan.  As clients do their treatment plan morning and evening their skin begins to balance improve and get healthier. This takes consistency and time. Think of it as you see a personal trainer at the gym every few weeks and they give a tougher workout and then you go home with your exercise routine. If you do your exercises constantly daily or multiple times daily depending on your goals- You get stronger. When you see your trainer or coach your level of fitness, flexibility, strength, and oxygen levels are improved. You probably look better too. But, If you skip your home training in between coaching sessions you can not really get ahead in your goals and desires for your fitness. It’s like that with skincare at home.

Washing your face twice a day matters. Ideally in the morning and in the evening before bed. If you are exercising and perspiring; it is smart to wash your face after. We are exposed around the clock to environmental pollutants and irritants. Cleansing the skin with the right cleanser gives your skin a chance to refresh and heal and balance moisture and keep your skin’s barrier strong. For acneic or oily skin types this will remove possible bacterias and slow the spread of acne. For normal and drier skin types this will help balance transdermal water loss and balance the skin’s Ph. Paying attention to your skin also makes you aware of changes to your skin that you have an earlier opportunity to prevent- which as well as can slow down the effects of aging, but can possibly prevent costly trips to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon in the future.

What about wearing makeup to sleep?  Not going to bed with makeup matters. Makeup creates a covering that traps oils, dirt, and pollutants on the skin. This can lead to clogged pores, rougher skin, dehydrated skin, and free radical damage which weakens the skin’s ability to heal and speeds up the aging of the skin. One night of sleeping with makeup on will not ruin your skin, but repeatedly sleeping with makeup will over time accelerate premature aging and free radical damage. No one really wants to speed up the clock on aging skin.

Like keeping your body in shape or your diet on track- Skin Home Care is a good daily habit that benefits your skin and your appearance for years to come. A solid home care regime progresses your skin towards improvement. Having regular facial treatment appointments accelerates your results. The First and the last thing people notice is your Face- So taking care of it is one of the most important habits you can have. To see Results driven products Skin Care with Dory suggests:https://skincarewithdory.com/products.

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