New Treatment: Oxygen Facial Infusion!

Oxygen Facial Infusion:
Getting Ready to go to an important meeting or Party? Want to heal skin faster after a Treatment? Oxygen Facial Infusion will get your skin more hydrated, even-toned, refreshed, and glowing. This is a natural skincare system to encourage skin health, healing, and results.
Our skin is our largest organ and has many functions: to protect us from wind, cold, heat, sun, smoke, pollution, environmental toxins, and chemical agents we might be exposed to on a daily basis. It is designed to expel and exfoliate and keep our bodies intact. This is very sophisticated functioning of the hard-working organ of our skin!  Topical oxygen improves skin’s natural functions aiding in the production of collagen, elastin, and moisture.
Who is a good candidate?
Everyone. Oxygen Infusions can be added to all treatments.
What are the benefits of Oxygen Facial Infusion?
Reduces inflammation
Reduces Rosacea by whitening skin
Reduces acne flare-ups and heals acne
Accelerates dermal collagen production
Speeds healing from inflammation, surgery, or treatments like microneedling, chemical peels
Reduces Free Radicals
How did Oxygen Infusion “on board” with skincare?
Historically Oxygen application has been used for burn recovery. Though, It was learned that nebulizer topical oxygen with hydrosol serums rejuvenated skin for anti-aging benefits.
Topical oxygen: 
Promotes skin cell metabolism.
Reduces anaerobic bacteria levels.
Promotes Wound healing.
Reduces free Radicals.
Aids with the detoxification process.
What is the Oxygen Infusion Treatment like?
Skin Care with Dory will mix specific, for you, plant hydrosol serums into the nebulizer and penetrate them into your skin. It feels like a relaxing, cool mist. The treatment lasts 8-10 minutes.
What are Hydrosol serums: These are saline-based hydrosol serums specifically designed for dermal infusion. They contain healing and aromatic plants, peptides, and moisture-retaining molecules.
Why is Skincare with Dory using a Nebulizer?
Nebulizers were created for medical purposes of spinning liquid within a nebulizer called the “venture effect”. When spun at high speed, oxygen is mixed with the liquid. Nebulizers create micronized particles that are effective at penetrating the dermis. Airbrushes only use backpressure and the serums sit on the skin.
Is Topical Oxygen safe for skincare safe? Free radicals do not come out of this oxygen concentrator. This is ”stable oxygen” and a free radical neutralizer. Longer explanations can be provided by Doctor and Inventor- but are too long and in-depth for this blog.
Is Skin Care with Dory going to offer “Oxygen Facials”?
Yes, Coming soon. Skin Care with Dory is a small local business with quite a few anti-aging services- Still considering the protocol to create.
Who is the photo of?
Me picking up the Oxygen Facial Infusion machine from the Doctor who invented it.:)

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