Why see an Esthetician? A shameless plug!

The Beauty Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of subliminal messages and in-your-face advertising hooks for “quick fixes” and how to play on your “fear of aging.” Even professionals love to be seduced, but we need to test and figure out what really works: For example, does this product safely do what it says it does or possibly not?

Grocery stores and drugstores have aisles and aisles of Over the Counter (OTC) brightly colored bottles of promising potions that promise magic.  Most of these “over-the-counter products” have inactive ingredients – or filler- that feels good, smells good, spreads well – but, are largely inactive and, besides softening dead skin- really are not doing much else for healing or treatment. Even worse, The FDA does not regulate topicals or cosmeceuticals like they do food- even though you absorb the products through your skin.

What do you do?

If you choose to invest in your skin’s healthy future: It’s best to buy from a local professional with high-quality skin care lines. Small business owners stock products fresh. This matters because skincare has a shelf-life of effectiveness, and buying from an online warehouse in no way ensures expiration dates or that it is even the same product you thought you were ordering. At Skin Care with Dory, we only sell active ingredient lines that are science-based and show real results in clinical testing. As well, Individual products from each line have been “cherry-picked,” and then a custom plan has been created for you. So, there is no wasting months or years seeing if the products deliver or wasting too much money and counter space buying on a whim.

It’s confusing to really grasp how not to over-dry your skin, what causes breakouts, and how to back up age spots and slow down or soften wrinkles. By hiring a professional Esthetician like Skin Care with Dory: We go on the journey together-  That means you get an education and a more profound understanding of your skin and what’s really affecting it. We access topical and internal solutions. Instead of random direction- you get personalized service and customized treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and what you want for your skin.

Spoiler Alert: I’ve heard it 3 times now from clients: and my secret goal is that you get hit on at Home Depot- whether you are married or not- just because you look good!

I want you to look good… because confidence matters.

Although continued beauty and good looks are the number one reason to walk into my office, Professional skin experts are mostly concerned with your health.  The benefit of seeing an Esthetician is We are the First line of Defense for your skin. We are trained to analyze and assess your skin to figure out some of the internal issues that display on the skin.

What are we looking for? 

First of all, we are looking to see if “your skin barrier is compromised” and what we can do to help balance and strengthen your skin.
*      Are your pores small or large, and are they impacted or clear?

  • Is your skin even colored or has darker or reddish patches or spots.?
  • Our hands can feel the texture of our skin: Is it rough, dry, bumpy, scarred, flaky, elastic, resilient, and have bounce-back ability?
  • Is there laxity of the skin, and where is it?
  • Are there fine lines, wrinkles, patterned textures or lines, and where?
  • Is there acne or other skin disruptions?
  • Are there certain areas that need particular attention?
  • Are there any spots that look like they could be possible skin cancer or another medical issue?
  • What is the visual vascular layout?

A professional Esthetician asks about your skincare routine, your nutrition, your stress and sleep levels, hydration, lifestyle choices and supports you to stay on track with what you want for your skin.  At Skin Care with Dory, My goal is that you like the process, you like your routine, and you are seeing real results…and get hit on in Home Depot.  Offering Revolutionary Jet Plasma treatments, Microcurrent Facial contouring, Collagen induction stem cell and cytokine Microneedling, Red Light LED therapy, Pharmacist created Truth Treatment Chemical peels, retinaldehyde Nano needling, Oxygen Infusion Restoration, and European and Aqua Facials. Partnering with Osmosis Beauty, Jan Marini Skin Research, Truth Treatment Systems, Viktoria DeAnn pure peptides, and AnteAge.

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