Rejuvenator Mild, Medium and Ultra



Rejuvenator works in alignment with the health and metabolism of your cells. Fortified with the advanced RNF-1 peptide that encourages normal cell turnover promoting the appearance of thicker, stronger and healthier skin. This turnover reduces dead cell build up for a smoother skin tone. Niacinamide (vitamin B-3) and Vitamin E nourish skin giving it the energy for healing regeneration.  ” Anti oxidants are like hiring body guards for your skin. Rejuvenator is like teaching your cells to do advnced Karate and fending for themselves with strength”.  Expect 7-10 days of slight dryness at first as Rejuvenator reveals improved skin tone, texture and luminosity. May be used 1-2 times per day. Also included in the Lift Kit. Best to move towards Ultra. Most people can use medium.



Ultra =90

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