Would you rather have an Aqua Facial or European Facial?

So many choices, So little time.!

Would you rather have an Aqua Facial or European Facial?

I offer my clients cutting edge anti-aging procedures, including a European Facial and an Aqua Facial. Both treatments have their unique benefit on improving your appearance and taking care of the health of your skin. With so many facial options available, how does one choose the best for your individual needs?

The European Facial

Besides being highly beneficial for the health of your skin-This facial is the ultimate in pampering yourself (with purpose).  

Give your nervous system some nourishment as well as your skin. The European Facial is the Go-To Treatment to Get your Glow back on!

For the Initial Facial, I recommend the European facial- As it gives us time to get to know each other, your skin, what it needs, what you want for your skin, and for us to build a relationship for your on-going skincare needs.

  • Skin Care with Dory Facials include :
  • Two deep cleansings, An enzyme to slough off skin that is ready to be sloughed away. All Facials include analysis to access your skin, and light extractions are performed as needed. Many choose European Facials’ facial lymphatic massage to help the skin and lymph renew and revitalize. Viktoria DeAnn customized pure peptide serums are ultra-sonically enhanced to be absorbed into your skin.
  • The Viktoria DeAnn technologically advanced Pepti-Nano mask is applied to the clean face to help increase hydration 72% and plump the skin. The mask contains microfibers that act like small fingers re-hydrate and give the skin a platform for the serum peptides to penetrate deeply while you enjoy a hand, shoulder, neck massage with essential oils to promote relaxation.
  • Finally, a potent Vitamin C serum, specific for your skin moisturizer and SPF, is applied.

The first European facial, including the consultation, is 90 minutes. After that, plan 65 minutes for the treatment. A short-term and long-term treatment plan is developed during this appointment.

The Aqua Facial – The Total Facial System

Look Refreshed and Revitalized in Express Time!

The Aqua Facial reminds me of getting a “power-wash” for your face that rejuvenates even the dullest complexions. There is a three-step process that rebuilds collagen and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and removes dead skin and infuses the highest therapeutic products with glowing results. It imparts healthy-looking skin that is smooth to the touch and appearance that is well- nourished and visibly brightened complexion. There is no downtime and it takes about a half an hour to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. This treatment is terrific if you need a quick rejuvenation and have time constraints. The Aqua Facial does not offer massage or extractions in the process.

The Aqua Facial process is a three-step hydration treatment that is the foundation for healthy skin and designed for all skin types:

  • Lactic/Glycolic acid solution is applied for exfoliation and deeply cleanse the skin and break up dirt and areas of accumulated proteins (keratin) as well as removing toxic buildup.
  • A salicylic/glycolic acid formula cleans the deeper layers and helps clear clogged pores, blemishes, and blackheads and carries away embedded dirt debris and sebum.
  • As the skin is now prepared for deep penetration of peptides, the final step is applying three luxurious serums that enhance the process and includes hyaluronic acid/peptide infusion to deeply hydrate and improve fine lines in the complexion.

Added procedures to both the European Facial and Aqua facial are available upon request and may include:

  • Dermaplaning  to the Aqua Facial for additional exfoliation and removing vellus hair on the face. This gives a smooth platform for the other serums to penetrate.  Add 30 minutes to the Aqua Facial procedure.
  • See Skin Care with Dory’s offering for additional options.


European facial: first treatment is $160, includes consultation.  Additional facials are $135/treatment


Aqua Facial: $165 per treatment


Dermaplaning add $85

Pepti Nano Mask add $38- ( Because we all need the extra hydration in Colorado!)

Nano Needling/Vitamin A $120-

LED Red Light Therapy $50-

Treatment Package series packages create continuously improving skin and save

Get your glow now!

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