Summer Beauty Tips

Just because You are wearing a mask- It’s not the time to neglect your skin- Remember, One day;  We will see each other smile again!  In the meantime- This is a chance to pay attention to Home care routines and with the heat and the masks – We need to shift for the warmer and brighter days:
• The #1 Anti-Aging tip is to wear sunscreen. Many clients LOVE this Tinted sunblock SPF 45. – Though because of masks, I have switched to non-tinted sunscreen, such as Anti-Oxidant Sunscreen – which dual action moisturizes and protects. Sunscreen needs to be re-applied every 80-100 minutes to remain effective.
• It is now more important than ever to wash your face morning and night to keep clean from mask-wearing, sunblock, and sweating to avoid skin problems. I suggest Light exfoliating Bio-glycolic cleanser or C-Esta or Anti Aging Skin Wash.
Peptide Serums are lightweight and soak right into the skin. Perfect for year-round skincare – Especially in hot summer.
• The Eyes Have it! Especially now, While most of us are wearing masks in public.  Play up your lashes and brows. Brows frame the eyes, and lashes get your eyes noticed. Viktoria DeAnn Pepti Lash serum builds stronger and thicker lashes with peptide serums. Daily application of Grande Lash MD takes 4-6 weeks to create noticeably longer lashes.* Skin Care with Dory offers Lash and Brow tints.
 We all notice hats – Get a great looking hat that blocks the sun and makes you feel Fabulous! They give the wearer a certain style up level. Use the functionality of protecting your Face with a hat to your Style advantage.

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