Skin Care in the time of COVID-19

It’s true, I miss my clients, and they miss me. I know this because they tell me. Many have been over the moon excited about the new Neurotris Microcurrent Facelift Technology I brought into Skin Care with Dory or Pro Cell Microneedling or Nano Needling or LED Therapy…The list goes on. I wish I could work on your Faces now! But due to CDC guidelines and the Mandate at this time – I can’t.

On a positive note: 60-70% of your appearance is Home Care: One thing I know for sure though; Is there are about 30 days in every month- Which means doing skincare Home care morning and not gives each of us 60x per month to improve our skin. All of us are sad to forgo our treatments, but we want to maintain the strides we have made. It’s like if you were getting in shape and going to the gym and could not go to the gym- You would need to work out on your own, Since there is more time now, Each of us can dedicate time to our skin routines building healthier cells and treating our own skin’s needs.

We all know its important to wash our hands before touching our faces!

After you wash your Hands- Please Love your Face!

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