Skin Consultation in Person or remotely via Zoom

Want to start a skincare regime that will give you results that you can see in the mirror and know your skin is getting healthier?

Everyone’s skin is unique and that is why it is important to have an individualized skincare routine – One size does not fit all when it comes to skincare. The products and solutions that worked for you earlier in life, won’t work as well as we age. Just as your lifestyle changes – Your skincare routine needs to change too.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone. It’s a great place to begin!

Benefits of Skin Care Consultation?

– Receive undivided attention and expert skin coaching.

– Anyone who wants to understand their skin better.

– Want to improve their appearance: To look more rejuvenated, youthful, more even-toned, improve acne, wrinkles, lines, and other skin-related issues.

– Are ready to go towards a results-oriented, customized skincare regime.

– Want a knowledge-based skincare regime without the guessing.

– Gain an understanding of skin-related habits, lifestyle, diet, and a regime that affects the skin.

– Want to change their regime.

– Want to improve how their skin ages and possibly not look like their parents. Said to me by most clients!

– Needs new products for home care and not sure which and want help deciding.

How to prepare for your Skin Consultation:

– Arrive with questionnaires and paperwork already filled out.

What is a Skin Consultation like?

First, this is your time- It is yours to explain to Skin Care with Dory what you are wanting for your skin.  Is what you are presently using working? Skin Care with Dory explains and teaches because for most people understanding how things work leads to improved self-care.

We then analyze your skin under a magnifying lamp and see what your skin tells us, through a visual and physical exam.

Together, We create a treatment plan in office and home care regime that will best fit your lifestyle and get you towards skin health and improvement. Supplements that complement your program may be suggested. We will then work together to create a thoughtful and customized treatment plan that best fits your lifestyle and leads you towards healthy results that you can see in the mirror.

Are Consultations included with First Facials?

Yes! Consultations are included. Consultations without services are $50- redeemable in products.

Are any products used during a Consultation? We may clean the face or test products on the wrist or face for sensitivities.

Are supplements suggested in Consultations? 

Yes- Since skin is affected from inside the body – a holistic approach is much more effective with supplements as well as topicals.

Will treatment regimes and products be suggested? 

Yes- Definitely.

How long is a Skin Consultation?

30 minutes is scheduled.

What product lines does Skin Care with Dory use and will you help me choose?

Yes, Each Skin Care line has been cherry-picked by Dory, and products will, be customized for your individual needs and wants. Also, Each line has a different approach and philosophy. We try to match that to the needs that you share.

Skin Care with Dory retails: Osmosis Beauty, Viktoria Deann, Truth Treatment Systems, Jan Marini,  Xo8 and Grandelash MD.

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“I learned a lot & look better. It was a lifestyle change for the better for me.”

Skyler – Manhattan Beach, CA