Skin care tips for traveling

I love traveling, exploring different countries and landscapes. Packing for a short or long journey can often be a bit challenging especially when trying to minimize luggage weight and size. Besides your wardrobe selection, which can often be complicated when traveling to several locations, climates and time zones, I always ensure that I pack my much-beloved skincare products so I will stay refreshed and vibrant throughout my travels.

The excitement of meeting new people, exploring different cultures and cities is stimulating and often, when not on my usual routine, my skincare can suffer if I don’t pay special attention to its needs. I want to be sure to look and feel my best. Traveling can be challenging on our complexion due to changes in humidity, polluters, dirt, and lack of precious sleep and changes in routine.

I have learned to hone my packing skills. Below are my best tips n’ tricks for jaunts whether to Europe, weekend trips or even roughing it in the wild.

Tip #1 – Climate

Consider the destination and weather. Will your adventure take you to hot, humid, cold or dry locations. With this taken into consideration, plan your supplies accordingly Minamally bring: Eye serum, lip and face moisturizer, and broad-spectrum SPF.

Tip # 2 – Small bottles

REI has a selection of small and inexpensive Nalgene bottles that will fit most travel bags. Purchasing a quantity of 8 bottles should be enough to transfer your favorite lotions and potions. When a product is filled in these bottles, it will last about 2 weeks when used wisely twice a day. Transferring products to smaller containers is a must!

Tip #3 -Travel Kit

I always have my travel bag prepared for a moment’s notice opportunity to travel. When I return from a trip, I refill the bottles so I’m well prepared to just pack my clothing and go! It saves time and also you’ll know you have everything you need for your next

REI carries various sizes in a travel bag that include a hanging hook so the bag may be displayed on the back of a door, towel wrack or small counter spaces. Never place your supplies on bathroom floors. Floors can get wet and also well, the germs.

Tip #4 – My must have products

  • Viktoria DeAnn serums and Viktoria DeAnn Rejuvenator
    • Viktoria DeAnne serums can be packed small.
    • Viktoria DeAnn Lactic collagen serum by VDA adds a pump of moisture and
      lactic is lightly exfoliating
  • Jan Marini Transformation cream moisturizer Victoria DeAnn eye serum
    • It improves skin tone and helps with the dark circles that seem to be more prominent when we travel on where our skin takes a major hit because of the air quality and dehydration. It will also help maintain the plump texture in areas that are often the first indication of travel weariness. We certainly never want to look like our passport photo.
  • Jan Marini tinted SPF cream.
    • It is non-chemical and gives full-spectrum protection as well as doubling as a light foundation without looking as though you’re wearing sunscreen or heavy makeup. I'm in love with Jan Marini bio glycolic cleanser with glycolic alpha-hydroxy.
  • Osmosis Eye and Lip Illuminate gel which can double as a semi-lip gloss.

In the parched Colorado climate, if I miss a day without my favorite moisturizer, I can see and feel the difference in my glow and the suppleness of my complexion within hours. My skin soaks up JM transformation cream and for deeper hydration.

It may sound like you’re packing a lot, but you’ll be happy you did when you look at your best whether you’re on a camping trip in the high country or high profiling at a chic café in Paris. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water when you’re traveling especially by air. If you want to look refreshed when you land, refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages as it is known to dehydrate your body and the first place it will show is your complexion.

If you maintain your skincare regime while traveling you will sparkle on your adventure and when you return home with a face to match your rested and inspired spirit.

While planning another adventure of a lifetime you will look great while exploring the wild unknown.

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You work hard to bring home the bacon, wrangle the horses (or the kids), build the house and close the big deal all while standing tall in your boots. Healthy skin matters and in professional life it matters to how you project your image.  Men may have thicker and less sensitive skin than women, but many men still deal with rough skin, exposure to the elements,  adult acne, rosacea, and razor bumps and aging skin.

With an easy home skincare program, your complexion will enhance your presence and vitality. Taking care of YOU is not about vanity, but being your best on all levels as you are a projection to your work, community, and friends. It will give you a subtle send message of new confidence, strength, and character.

Our culture tells us that as men age, they begin looking dignified, yet, with dryness of skin, the wrinkles on face and hands may be prematurely making them appear older than their biological years. The sooner you begin a skin self-care program, the better the long term results will be.

Fortunately, men have an added advantage of regular shaving. This process sloughs off the dead skin from the surface of the complexion, but without quality products or care, the skin will prematurely age, be parched, flaky, itchy and blotchy and show age spots and sagging. Adding nutrition such as good quality products like Jan Marini and Victoria DeAnn formulas will brighten the complexion and add necessary moisture that is stripped by the climate and regular shaving and diminish the signs of fine wrinkles and aging. Adding a quality product to the newly shaved face will be absorbed and nurture the parched skin.

My female clients often tell me that “my husband says that I look better than he does,”  and “my husband is starting to borrow my skincare products”.  Men are telling me that their skin “hurts and looks ruddy and wrinkled” and that they are beginning to look like their “grandfather” at an early age. Ladies are noticing that, when at gatherings, that the women are beginning to look much better than the men.

I think men care about their image they project to the world, but just don’t know how to proceed with self-care and may think it’s just something that the women do. This is not true!. Women know the secrets to maintain our vitality. Ask us!

Begin with a home skincare plan of daily facial wash, moisturizing SPF products. I can help you find the easy-to-use and implement products and suggest other treatments, especially for your unique skin concerns. For added benefits try a European Facial that is offered at Skin Care with Dory.   Men love receiving the cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and relaxing treatment.

I will be honored to be a part of your wellness adventure to continue maintaining your vitality. 

Get in touch with me and begin your brightening journey.

So, round ‘em up cowboy…hang on to your hat, and enjoy the next rodeo!

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