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Skin care tips for traveling

I love traveling, exploring different countries and landscapes. Packing for a short or long journey can often be a bit challenging especially when trying to minimize luggage weight and size. Besides your wardrobe selection, which can often be complicated when traveling to several locations, climates and time zones, I always ensure that I pack my […]


Men’s Skin needs TLC too!

You work hard to bring home the bacon, wrangle the horses (or the kids), build the house and close the big deal all while standing tall in your boots. Healthy skin matters and in professional life it matters to how you project your image.  Men may have thicker and less sensitive skin than women, but […]


How to choose between an Aqua Facial or European Facial?

So many choices, so little time. In addition to many skincare treatments offered by me at Skin Care with Dory, I offer my clients cutting edge anti-aging procedures including the European Facial and Aqua Facial procedures. Both treatments have their unique benefit on improving your appearance and taking care of the health of your skin. With […]


Love Skin Notes from Peptides and Pinot Party

If the eyes are the window to the soul,  Skin is the mirror of the internal health of a person. Our skin health broadcasts our internal health. Many people don’t realize that skin is our largest organ like the liver and lungs or heart and should be treated the same as our heart, liver lungs, […]

Lift-off with Dermaplaning at Skin Care with Dory

Lift-off with Dermaplaning for a smooth landing Unique complexion challenges are complicated by the daily assault of environmental toxins and daily life stress.  With the natural buildup of dead skins cells and peach fuzz on the surface of the face, our complexion can appear dull and flaky. Dermaplaning is a critical first step exfoliating process […]

ProCell Microneedling Treatments

ProCell Microneedling treatments offer maximum new collagen stimulation with minimal inflammation for a more beautiful you At Skin Care with Dory, I take pride in offering my clients the most up-to-date and effective skin care therapies that enhance appearance and contribute to a more vibrant glow. Microneedling vs. Microchanneling therapies One of the most favorite […]

Peptides: the best tool to have in your skincare regime

As we mature, we lose skin elasticity, moisture, and structure. It has been discovered that peptides when applied as a topical solution can stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic and provides the skin nourishing moisture resulting in visible vitality and resilience. Collagen gives your skin structure; elastin gives it spring back (resiliency,) and hyaluronic gives skin […]

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Benefits of Microcurrent Facials

Why Microcurrent? Refresh, revive, renew, relax…Is it time for you to revitalize your vibrant and healthy ( and Youthful) glow? Dory Johnson with Skin Care by Dory offers a replenishing microcurrent facial that will enhance the natural glow to your skin, help minimize fine lines and present a noticeably smoother complexion. This natural, organic facial […]